About Oxfordshire Social Work Academy

A one stop shop for your professional development needs.

Aspire and inspire

Making Oxfordshire’s children’s workforce the best place to develop your practice and change lives.

The Oxfordshire Academy for Children’s Social Care provides a one stop shop for your professional development needs. As a social work student or employee and practitioner in children’s social care you are automatically enrolled in this academy.

For student social workers and newly qualified social workers you will receive guidance and support through the ASYE and Student Placement faculty.

As a qualified social worker you can access learning and development opportunities through the Continuing Professional Development and Career Pathway faculty.

As a learning organisation we promote lessons from Serious Case Reviews and audit activities through the Serious Case Review faculty.

Evidence based research is supported via Research in Practice and our links with universities research.

Aims and objectives

Leading outstanding practice and inspiring professional development through:

  • Inspiring the very best foundations to professional practice
  • Guiding and supporting professional and career development
  • Improving practice and learning lessons
  • Commissioning and promoting research

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