ASYE and Student Placement faculty

Inspiring the very best foundations to professional practice

Student placement

Students are the future of our workforce and we have long established relationships with universities to provide opportunities to students starting out. 

We know placements are essential in preparing students for their career in social work. We offer placements across all of our teams, both statutory and non-statutory, to give students an insight into different aspects of and roles within children’s social care, and cater for individual career aims. 

The assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE) programme

We want our newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) to stay and grow their careers with us. That’s why we have developed a pioneering induction and ASYE programme, to demonstrate right from the start how much we value them.

It’s also why we recruit them into specific roles that they have chosen and applied for.

We recognise that starting a career in a front line social work team can be daunting so we provide our NQSWs with a foundation of knowledge and support to help them bridge the gap between learning and practice.


Our programme is tailored to help our NQSWs develop in their specific role and to ensure that they have a year of assessment and support that is tailored to their individual needs.

To kick off the ASYE, NQSWs will complete an exciting and diverse six week induction with other graduates, before moving to a position with their own team.

What people said

I felt that the council valued us

'I felt that the council valued us by investing in this programme, designed just for us, where we could safely practise what I had learned at university and during our days in the Academy and 
teams, and talk honestly about issues that came up. '

It made me confident

'It made me confident that even though I hadn’t had a statutory placement I knew what was expected of me. I could ask questions without worrying about it, and it made it easier to transition 
into my team then if I had started my own. '

We got to know each other well

'It was very helpful to have a group of people all start together and that really eased my start into the teams. We got to know each other well in those first weeks and we still rely on each other.'