Serious case review and audit faculty

Improving practice and learning lessons


Our aim is to make Oxfordshire a centre of social work excellence. To continuously improve  how we do things, we celebrate and share examples of good practice, and take time to reflect and learn lessons when things go wrong. 


Through this faculty we cascade learning from local and national SCRs, complaints and compliments to all of our staff and ensure any necessary changes to practice are implemented. During 2017, we held a number of workshops in each area to discuss the learning from our last three serious case reviews, as well as the national triennial review. 

This faculty also co-ordinates of the delivery of action plans to improve practice, and analyses and shares findings from quality insurance audits. Every month we invite team managers to share examples of good work and twice a year our Directorate Leadership Team undertake a week of being ‘back in the teams’. This helps them to learn how policies and strategies are impacting on teams’ practice and get feedback from those on the front line.