Welcome to the Oxfordshire Social Work Academy

Message from Shaun Hanks, Principal Social Worker.

Shaun Hanks

At Oxfordshire County Council, you aren’t just part of a fantastic children’s social care team, you’re also a member of our innovative Social Work Academy, giving you access to the best professional development and career progression opportunities.

We’ve partnered with prestigious social work training universities, Ruskin College Oxford and Oxford Brookes University, to bring together inspiring, cutting edge training for our staff and industry-leading research.

For everyone

Unlike other academies, our Social Work Academy is for everyone; from students wanting to enter the profession and those who are newly-qualified, to experienced practitioners and those aiming to become managers.

Our Social Work Academy is designed to make Oxfordshire a centre of excellence for children’s social care, improve outcomes for children and families and make it a place where social workers can excel and grow – just like our two deputy directors who started as a social worker and as a team manager at Oxfordshire.